Boil and Bubble, Toil and Trouble: A Recommended Bibliography


There are many books covering many aspects of the election of 1860. The two which I recommend as an excellent starting place are:

Foner, Eric. Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men: the Ideology of the Republican Party Before the Civil War. New York. 1970.

Goodwin, Doris Kearns. Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln. New York. 2005.

These are both excellent–good writing, sound research. Eric Foner, I think, is one of the finest historians working today. He is the nephew of the Marxist historian Philip Foner and the son of historian Jack Foner so history seems to run in his blood. He teaches in the Department of History at Columbia. Ms Goodwin is an author and journalist who has written biographies of several presidents. I think Team of Rivals is her finest work. Interestingly, Stephan Spielberg is preparing to make a movie based on Goodwin’s book; Tony Kushner, author of Angels in America, is one of the script writers. Should be interesting.

 Also, I would be remiss if I failed to mention this book:

Lobel, Jules. Success Without Victory: Lost Legal Battles and the Long Road to Justice in America. New York. 2004. Only one chapter deals with Salmon Chase and other litigators who challenged slavery in the courtroom. That chapter is worth the price of the book which is now available in paperback. I was privileged to study constitutional law under Professor Lobel. Frankly, the man is a genius. Just ask any of us who were his students.

 Others, in alphabetical order, useful in whole or in part and representing a variety of viewpoints:

 Barney, William L. The Secessionist Impulse: Alabama and Mississippi in 1860. Princeton, NJ. 1974.

Basler, Roy P, ed. The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. 8 volumes New Brunswick, NJ. 1953.

Bilotta, James D. Race and the Rise of the Republican Party, 1848-1865. Philadelphia. 2002.

Booraem, Hendrik. The Formation of the Republican Party in New York: Politics and Conscience in the Antebellum North. New York. 1983.

Cain, Marvin R. Lincoln’s Attorney General: Edward Bates of Missouri. Columbia, MO. 1965.

Crenshaw, Ollinger. The Slave States in the Presidential Election of 1860. Baltimore. 1945.

Donald, David H. Charles Sumner and the Rights of Man. New York. 1970.

Douglass, Frederick. The Life and Writings of Frederick Douglass; Pre-Civil War Decade. Edited by Philip S. Foner. New York. 1975.

Egerton, Douglas R. Year of Meteors : Stephen Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, and the Election That Brought on the Civil War. New York. 2010.

Eggleston, Percy C. Lincoln in New England. New York. 1922.

Fite, Emerson David. The Presidential Campaign of 1860. New York. 1911.

Foner, Eric. Politics and Ideology in the Age of the Civil War. New York. 1980.

Helper, Hinton Rowan. Compendium of the Impending Crisis of the South. New York. 1860.

Holt, Michael F. Forging a Majority; the Formation of the Republican Party in Pittsburgh, 1848-1860. New Haven, CT. 1969.

Holzer, Harold. Lincoln at Cooper Union: the Speech That Made Abraham Lincoln President. New York. 2004.

Holzer, Harold. Lincoln President-elect: Abraham Lincoln and the Great Secession Winter 1860-1861. New York. 2008.

Hunt, Harry Draper. Hannibal Hamlin of Maine, Lincoln’s First Vice-President. Syracuse, NY. 1969.

Johannsen, Robert W. Lincoln and the South in 1860. Fort Wayne, IN. 1989.

Luebke, Frederick C. Ethnic Voters and the Election of Lincoln. Lincoln, NE. 1971.

Luthin, Reinhard H. The First Lincoln Campaign. Cambridge, MA. 1944.

Mansch, Larry D. Abraham Lincoln, President-elect: the Four Critical Months from Election to Inauguration. Jefferson, N.C. 2005.

Morris, Roy. The Long Pursuit: Abraham Lincoln’s Thirty-Year Struggle with Stephen Douglas for the Heart and Soul of America. New York. 2008.

Neely, Mark E. The Boundaries of American Political Culture in the Civil War Era. Chapel Hill, NC. 2005.

Niven, John. Salmon P. Chase: a Biography. New York. 1995.

Potter, David Morris. The Impending Crisis, 1848-1861. Edited by Don E. Fehrenbacher. New York. 1976.

Rhodes, James Ford. History of the United States from the Compromise of 1850. Volume 1. New York. 1893.

Stampp, Kenneth M. And the War Came: The North and the Secession Crisis, 1860-1861. Baton Rouge. 1950.

Storey, Moorfield. Charles Sumner. Boston. 1900.

Taylor, Anne-Marie. Young Charles Sumner and the Legacy of the American Enlightenment, 1811-1851. Amherst, MA. 2001.

Van Deusen, Glyndon G. Horace Greeley, Nineteenth-century Crusader. New York. 1953.

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