Previews of Coming Attractions



Beginning in January, 2012, I will continue my month-by-month history and commentary on the Civil War as we continue to observe the sesquicentennial of that American struggle. I am preparing a similar series for several retrospective years–1937 (75 years ago from 2012); 1927 (85 years ago); 1912 (100 years ago); 1892 (120 years ago); 1877 (135 years ago); 1872 (140 years ago); 1857 (155 years ago); 1852 (160 years ago); 1847 (165 years ago); and 1812 (200 years ago).

Next year will be a presidential election year. I want to look at1912, 1892, 1872, 1852 and 1812 because they too were presidential election years. I wonder what parallels and what differences we may see.

1812 also marks the 200th anniversary of the war with Britain. As Canadian friends gleefully remind me, the Canadians defeated American attempts to invade Canada–several times.

As in the preset time, 1937, 1927 and 1877 were full of economic problems, worker unrest and social change.

Related to the Civil War, 1857 was full of events leading up to the outbreak of the war.

Political and social change occupied much of 1847 as well. We’ll see what lessons are there to be learned. Additionally, I will take a quick synoptic look at 1832, a presidential election year and time of change and in the summertime look at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, 225 years ago, and the amazing document which the Convention drafted in that secret meeting from late May to early September.

Stay tuned. Plenty of historical adventure coming your way via this blog!

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