Brava Sisters for taking a stand!

This is Womens History Month. A Catholic friend sent this to me. As a practicing Lutheran, I salute these sisters for taking a stand. That is what makes people’s history–the real stuff.

Here’s what these Catholic nuns said:

“March 9, 2012

National Coalition of American Nuns Denounces Disrespectful Words of Rush Limbaugh, Groups and Policies that Further Gender Discrimination

This is Women’s History Month and as we celebrate International Women’s Day wecontinue our work to stop global degradation and violence against women,particularly in matters of reproductive justice. Women are educated and know the right thing to do regarding reproductive issues. Women as moral agents following their primacy of conscience always know the right thing to do but may be poor, underfed, unschooled, and not in control of their own fertility.

No woman should be treated as a second-class citizen of any country or religion. Yet the Church continues to say that women do not have the right to vote for itsleadership or Synod decisions, are not equal under the Code of Canon Law, are outside of inclusive language and should be treated without respect regarding reproductive decisions they make for the good of their families, spouses, partners, or in many situations to stay alive.

The National Coalition of American Nuns denounces the words and lobbying of anyone or any group, including public figures like Rush Limbaugh, using national media topromote disgusting and disrespectful terms and policies directed at any woman that further the violence of gender discrimination women experience around the world. Today we ask all communities to stop the violence of gender discrimination and to work toward a Justice that calls all males and females to equality.

The National Coalition of American Nuns (NCAN), representing up to 1200 U.S. women religious, was founded in 1969 by prominent dissident Sr. Margaret Traxler of the congregation of Notre Dame. NCAN urges respect for the moral autonomy of womenthrough their support of family planning, marriage equality, and an inclusivepriesthood.”

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