Atlanta is Ours and Fairly Won~September 1864~the 3rd

Atlanta Is Ours and Fairly Won~ General Sherman.

By telegraph, the electronic and social medium of its day, the news spreads quickly throughout the North– Atlanta has fallen into Federal hands. President Lincoln issues a number of celebratory orders and proclamations. Gideon Welles laments partisan politics. A Democratic leader offers guidance to McClellan on how to craft his acceptance of the nomination. Richmond responds too slowly to the crisis in Georgia. Southern soldiers feel relief and hope that the nomination of McClellan means a quick truce and early peace. Mexico’s minister assures the United States that President Juarez has not fled his country. In Sweden the brother of Alfred Nobel dies in an explosion and that trauma will guide the rest of Alfred’s life.

General William Tecumseh Sherman

General William Tecumseh Sherman

September 3– Saturday– Lovejoy’s Station, Georgia– “Atlanta is ours and fairly won.” ~ Telegram from General Sherman to President Lincoln and the War Department.

September 3– Saturday– New York City– “Glorious news this morning– Atlanta taken at last!!! It comes in official form, seemingly most authentic, but there are doubters who distrust it, and the appearance of no additional intelligence since morning gives certain plausibility to their skepticism. So I suspend all jubilation for the present. If it be true, it is (coming at this political crisis) the greatest event of the war.” ~ Diary of George Templeton Strong.

September 3– Saturday– New York City– “With many thanks for the sympathy for the cause of my country, so kindly manifested by the Press of the United States, I have to request the favor that you will state, from me, that President Juarez has not arrived in this country; that he has not left Mexico; that he has no intention of leaving the Republic, and that there is not, has not been, nor is there likely to be, any necessity for such a proceeding. A daughter of President Juarez is married to a gentleman of New Orleans, and has arrived in that city with her husband, and was accompanied by her mother and younger sisters, in pursuance of a long-entertained purpose. This is, doubtless, the origin of the report so incorrectly circulated that President Juarez had arrived in this country. It will be seen, on the contrary, that he is now only the more free to act with vigor, celerity and determination. Republican institutions are not yet destined to be overthrown either in Mexico or in the United States.” ~ Letter from Matias Romero, Mexico’s Minister to the United States, published in today’s New York Times.

President Benito Juarez of Mexico

President Benito Juarez of Mexico

September 3– Saturday– New York City– “It is absolutely necessary that in your letter of acceptance you place yourself squarely and unequivocally on the ground that you will never surrender one foot of soil and that peace can only be based upon the reconstruction of the Union. In other words cessation of hostilities can only be agreed upon after we have sufficient guarantee from the South that they are ready for a peace under the Union.” ~ Letter from August Belmont to General George McClellan.

August Belmont

August Belmont

September 3– Saturday– Washington, D.C.– “Ordered, first. That on Monday, the 5th day of September, commencing at the hour of 12 o’clock noon, there shall be given a salute of 100 guns at the arsenal and navy-yard at Washington, and on Tuesday, the 6th of September, or on the day after the receipt of this order, at each arsenal and navy-yard in the United States, for the recent brilliant achievements of the fleet and land forces of the United States in the harbor of Mobile and in the reduction of Fort Powell, Fort Gaines, and Fort Morgan. The Secretary of War and Secretary of the Navy will issue the necessary directions in their respective Departments for the execution of this order. Second. That on Wednesday, the 7th day of September, commencing at the hour of 12 o’clock noon, there shall be fired a salute of 100 guns at the arsenal at Washington, and at New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Newport, Ky., and St. Louis, and at New Orleans, Mobile, Pensacola, Hilton Head, and New Berne the day after the receipt of this order, for the brilliant achievements of the army under command of Major-General Sherman in the State of Georgia and the capture of Atlanta. The Secretary of War will issue directions for the execution of this order.” ~ Executive order from President Lincoln

September 3– Saturday– Washington, D.C.– “New York City is shouting for McClellan, and there is a forced effort elsewhere to get a favorable response to the almost traitorous proceeding at Chicago. As usual, some timid Union men are alarmed, and there are some . . . who falter, and another set, like Greeley, who have an uneasy, lingering hope that they can yet have an opportunity to make a new candidate. But this will soon be over. The Chicago platform is unpatriotic, almost treasonable to the Union. The issue is made up. It is whether a war shall be made against Lincoln to get peace with Jeff Davis. Those who met at Chicago prefer hostility to Lincoln rather than to Davis. Such is extreme partisanism [sic]. . . . We have to-day word that Atlanta is in our possession, but we have yet no particulars. It has been a hard, long struggle, continued through weary months. This intelligence will not be gratifying to the zealous partisans who have just committed the mistake of sending out a peace platform, and declared the war a failure. It is a melancholy and sorrowful reflection that there are among us so many who so give way to party as not to rejoice in the success of the Union arms. . . . This is the demon of party– the days of its worst form– a terrible spirit, which in its excess leads men to rejoice in the calamities of their country and to mourn its triumphs. Strange, and wayward, and unaccountable are men. While the facts are as I have stated, I cannot think these men are destitute of love of country; but they permit party prejudices and party antagonisms to absorb their better natures.” ~ Diary of Gideon Welles.

September 3– Saturday– Washington, D.C.– “The signal success that Divine Providence has recently vouchsafed to the operations of the United States fleet and army in the harbor of Mobile, and the reduction of Fort Powell, Fort Gaines, and Fort Morgan, and the glorious achievements of the army under Major General Sherman, in the State of Georgia, resulting in the capture of the city of Atlanta, call for devout acknowledgment to the Supreme Being in whose hands are the destinies of nations. It is therefore requested that on next Sunday, in all places of worship in the United States, thanksgivings be offered to Him for His mercy in preserve our national existence against the insurgent rebels who have been waging a cruel war against the Government of the United States for its overthrow, and also that prayer be made for Divine protection to our brave soldiers and their leaders in the field who have so often and so gallantly periled their lives in battling with the enemy, and for blessings and comfort from the Father of mercies to the sick, wounded, and prisoners, and to the orphans and widows of those who have fallen in the service of their country, and that He will continue to uphold the Government of the United States against all the efforts of public enemies and secret foes.” ~ Proclamation by President Lincoln.

President Lincoln

President Lincoln

September 3– Saturday– Washington, D.C.– “The national thanks are tendered by the President to Major-General William T. Sherman and the gallant officers and soldiers of his command before Atlanta for the distinguished ability, courage, and perseverance displayed in the campaign in Georgia, which, under divine favor, has resulted in the capture of the city of Atlanta. The marches, battles, sieges, and other military operations that have signalized this campaign must render it famous in the annals of war, and have entitled those who have participated therein to the applause and thanks of the nation.” ~ Executive order from President Lincoln.

September 3– Saturday– Washington, D.C.– “The national thanks are tendered by the President to Admiral Farragut and Major-General Canby for the skill and harmony with which the recent operations in Mobile Harbor and against Fort Powell, Fort Gaines, and Fort Morgan were planned and carried into execution; also to Admiral Farragut and Major-General Granger, under whose immediate command they were conducted, and to the gallant commanders on sea and land, and to the sailors and soldiers engaged in the operations, for their energy and courage, which, under the blessing of Providence, have been crowned with brilliant success and have won for them the applause and thanks of the nation.” ~ Executive order from President Lincoln

September 3– Saturday– Stephenson’s Depot, Virginia– “Yours of the 27th came to hand in two days – the first late news I have had from you in a long time – so you know it must have been very welcome – the more so that it contained good news – that is news of your good health & spirits & the good rains & prospects of something to eat &c. . . . We learn by the late papers that McClellan & Pendleton are the nominees of the Chicago Convention – I have not seen the Platform – but think it must be a peace one – Pendleton is a southern man in principle & it is thought he will be for peace – everything indicates a strong peace movement in the North & they may succeed in electing their candidates.” ~ Letter from Confederate officer Jedediah Hotchkiss to his wife Sara.

September 3– Saturday– Cobb County, Georgia– “I went to town this morning, & learnt that Hood had evacuated Atlanta the night before last & it was occupied by the Federal Army, the notice posted in the street was ‘Atlanta is ours! Glory to God!’ I heard there had been heavy fighting on the Macon Road, particulars I could not learn. How anxious do I feel about my little Boy, if I could only hear that he was safe & well, how grateful would I feel. What sad anguish & anxiety does this needless political war occasion. What a curse to a Nation are these professional Politicians.” ~ Diary of William King.

September 3– Saturday– Lovejoy’s Station, Georgia– “Move all the stores forward from Allatoona and Marietta to Atlanta. Take possession of all good buildings for Government purposes, and see they are not used as quarters. Advise the people to quit now. There can be no trade or commerce now until the war is over. Let Union families go to the North with their effects, and secesh families move on. All cotton is tainted with treason, and no title in it will be respected.” ~ Orders from Union General William Tecumseh Sherman to General Henry W Slocum.

Sherman and his staff

Sherman and his staff

September 3– Saturday– Augusta, Georgia– “This morning I received a note from Mr. Thomas about day telling me that a dispatch had just been sent through him to General Wright from President Davis and General Bragg to send every armed man to Atlanta. Mr. Thomas expects he will have to go but I trust that his company will remain for the defense of Augusta. Oh these are troublous times. I leave Belmont not knowing what an hour may bring forth. I carry all the children with me. In case of a nearer approach of the Yankees I will remain in town. I wish to carry something with me and don’t know what to take. I will carry the Confederate Bonds and silver spoons and forks. Perhaps the Yankees may make a raid here before I return. I do not form an idea of what the issue of this fight may be.” ~ Journal of Ella Gertrude Clanton Thomas.

September 3– Saturday– Stockholm, Sweden–An explosion in a factory kills five people, including 21 year old Emil Nobel, younger brother of Alfred Nobel. This increases Alfred’s determination to develop safe yet powerful explosives. [Alfred is 31, a brilliant chemist and engineer, works in the family business which produces munitions and explosives.]

young Alfred Nobel

young Alfred Nobel

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