Immigration in 1860

Immigration (U.S.):

Even as the United States enters one of the most contentious elections in our history and teeters on the verge of civil war, the country continues to receive immigrants, especially those fleeing poverty and starvation in Ireland and political refugees from continental Europe. The vast majority are men between 15 and 40 years of age and unemployed or fit only for unskilled labor.

irish immigrants-6e

Irish immigrants


>153,640 immigrants enter the United States:

> 35.4% come from the German states;

> 31.6% come from Ireland;

> 19.4% come from Great Britain;

> 3.6% come from China;

> 3.4% come from France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Switzerland combined;

> 2.9% come from Canada;

> 1.2% come Central and South America, including Mexico;

> 0.7% come from Spain, Portugal and Greece combined;

> 0.7% come from Italy;

> 0.5% come from Norway, Sweden and Denmark combined;

> 0.6% come other regions and other countries.

Sex and age:

41.4% are female;

immigrant women-x676

Immigrant women


> 74.5% are between the ages of 15 and 40;

> 15.9% are under age 15;

> 9.6% are over age 40


> 52.3% have no occupation– this includes children;

> 17.4% have general labor occupations;

> 12.1% have agricultural occupations;

> 10.8% have skilled labor occupations;

> 6.2% have commercial occupations;

> 0.8% have domestic work occupations;

> 0.4% have professional occupations.

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