Women’s History~Elizabeth Buffum Chace


Elizabeth Buffum Chace was a feminist, abolitionist, suffragist, author, lecturer, temperance advocate, pacifist, free thinker and advocate for the rights of women. She was born in Providence, Rhode Island on December 9, 1806. As an adult she involved herself in numerous reform causes, especially the struggle against slavery where she allied with radicals such as Lucy Stone, Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, Theodore Parker and Wendell Phillips. Her house served as a station on the underground railroad. Later she worked with Ralph Waldo Emerson to help establish the National Free Religious Association. She agitated for prison reform and fought for the admission of women to Brown University and died on December 12, 1899, in Central Falls, Rhode Island.

chace grave~7063149

For more about her see: Elizabeth Buffum Chace and Lillie Chace Wyman: a Century of Abolitionist, Suffragist and Workers’ Rights Activism (2003) by Elizabeth C Stevens; Virtuous Lives: Four Quaker Sisters Remember Family Life, Abolitionism, and Women’s Suffrage (1994) edited by Lucille Salitan and Eve Lewis Perera; Two Quaker Sisters; from the Original Diaries (1937); Elizabeth Buffum Chace (in 2 volumes; 1914) by Lillie Buffum Chace Wyman

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