Women’s History~ Elizabeth Ellet


Elizabeth Fries Lummis Ellet


Elizabeth Fries Lummis Ellet, author, historian, editor, public speaker and advocate for the poor, was born at Sodus Point, New York, most likely in October of 1812. One of her teachers, a Quaker woman, aroused Elizabeth’s interest in history. She became the first American writer to emphasize the role of women in the development of the United States, beginning with her two volume Women of the American Revolution, published in 1848, with an additional volume in 1850. Subsequent works followed. Ms Ellet died in New York City on June 3, 1877. Later historians such as Mary Beard and Alice Morse Earle recognized the great contribution by Ms Ellet.


Her other works include: The Characters of Schiller (1839); Joanna of Sicily (1840); Rambles about the Country (1840); Evenings at Woodlawn (1849); Family Pictures from the Bible (1849); Domestic History of the American Revolution (1850); Watching Spirits (1851); Nouvelettes of the Musicians (1851); Pioneer Women of the West (1852); Summer Rambles in the West (1853); The Practical Housekeeper (1857); Women Artists in All Ages and Countries (1859); The Queens of American Society (1867); Court Circles of the Republic (1869).

There is no book length biography; however, a good biographical essay by Alma Lutz can be found in Notable American Women, 1607– 1950: A Biographical Dictionary (1974), volume 1, pp569– 570.

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